Support grinding machine with belt arm

# 1022076

PSSE support grinders - PSSE 3

PSSE Centre Lathe Grinding The PSSE 3 is a valuable addition to any machine park for light grinding and polishing applications mounted in the tool post on a centre lathe or other machine types. The PSSE 3 is a compact machine with the grinding wheel shaft assembly mounted in three large ball bearings to ensure long bearing life. The PSSE 3 has a powerful, totally enclosed, three-phase motor and is supplied complete with built-in switch and 5-metre cable.

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Product specification
  • Rpm 2800
  • Voltage 3x400V-50 Hz
  • Motor (Watt) 750
  • Wheel size, Grinding wheel (ø mm) 200x25x20
  • Grinder Belt (mm) 50x1600
  • Grit 60
  • Number of spindle speeds 1
  • Length (mm) 358
  • Width (mm) 215
  • Height (mm) 215