Belt grinder with pipe notching attachment

# 420232140

RB pipe notchers & belt grinders - KEF 75RB

BSH 75 and 150 RB/RBX Pipe Notcer

BSH 75 and 150 RB/RBX are, first and foremost, pipe notchers which grind pipes of all types (round, square, solid) and with diameters of between 17 mm and 100 mm.

However, the RB and RBX models are more than just efficient pipe grinders.

They can be converted into a normal belt sander in just minutes when all pipe grinding tasks are finished.

They can then be used for standard grinding tasks.

If you need to grind the pipes with a centreless grinder, you can attach the centreless unit onto the BSH 20-75 RB/RBX model: 3 grinding processes in one machine.

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Product specification
  • Rpm 2800
  • Voltage 3x400V-50 Hz
  • Motor (HP) 4,1
  • Pipe dimension (ø mm) 17-70
  • Grinding angles 0-60°
  • Grinding table (mm) 75x605
  • Grinder Belt (mm) 75x2250
  • Belt speed (m/sec) 30
  • Number of spindle speeds 1
  • Without exhaust 1
  • Length (mm) 1350
  • Width (mm) 570
  • Height (mm) 1020
  • Weight 116