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Customer Service:

Tlf: +45 98 23 60 88

Fax: +45 98 23 61 44


Opening hours

Mon – Thu: 8.00 - 16.15

Friday: 8.00 - 15.00

KEF-Motor A/S
Reliable, durable and solid grinding and polishing machines in many variants
KEF-Motor A/S
KEF-Motor is based on many years of experience, knowledge and solid craftsmanship. We have a wide range of many types of reliable, durable and solide grinding and polishing machines.

Service and Repair

Service and repair of machines:
Quality and service have a high priority at Scantool Group. Therefore, you can rest assured, that we always strive to deliver a flawless product. However, our products may be worn at times, or are broken for other reasons.

Our service team knows our products quite well. Therefore, we can help finding a spare part to replace a worn part, or we can have a service technician at the ready, enabling you to bring your product back in operation.

Before returning your product:
Remember always to contact your local dealer, in case of a complaint. Your dealer will contact Scantool in order to clarify the issue at hand.

Contact us, if you have questions:

We are always ready to assist, whenever you may need a spare part or have a technical question about your product. Normally, we refer to your local dealer, before you turn to us.


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